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Stunning hancrafted terracotta products, frostproof and best quality producing, with long history tradition in handcrafted Impruneta production.

Impruneta, Italy

The company Fornace Masini produces artistic terracotta, continuing for centuries the ancient tradition of making terracotta objects from Impruneta.

Terracotta barrels and amphorae from the Carbone Winejars workshop, and patented production guarantees first-class quality.

Impruneta, Italy

Massimo Carbone uses centuries of hand-crafted traditional techniques to produce patented vessels ideal for vinification. Terracotta from Impruneta is certified  and unique.

Handmade and tradition, beautiful painted ceramic flowerpots in demand all over the world.

Pienza, Italy

According to the Sbarluzzi family, the art of handwork and the form of their decoration is a way to communicate and express your feelings and state of mind transformed into beautiful products.

The family tradition of the Ruocco foundry and their luxurious premium products inspired by antiquity and the present.

Campania, Italy

Exquisite objects produced using techniques that belong to a family tradition handed down from one generation to the next, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman myths, Renaissance art and Baroque decoration.

Elegant lines and a luxury market, the Icona chair from the Erba Italia workshop.

Figino Serenza, Italy

Erba Italia is a search for exclusive materials, clean and elegant lines, Made in Italy tradition turned to the luxury market.  Create a new living space where comfort and beauty go hand in hand.

Rare and unique ceramics from Tuscany, from the workshop of the Ceccarelli family.

Florence, Italy

Unique, rare and unique ceramics from the workshop of the Ceccarelli family. The traditional Tuscan passion for ceramics goes back generations in the Ceccarelli family.

Family tradition and first-class quality in the field of terracotta products, Poggi Ugo and their terracotta from Impruneta.

Impruneta, Italy

The desire to constantly improve, cooperation with famous currency designers, architectural firms, artists and sculptors and the goal to bring their craft closer to the whole  the world.

Turms family brand and their original premium shoe care, a treasure in the world of footwear.

Marche, Italy

The Turms family brand produces luxury accessories for the care and storage of Italian leather shoes, their unique and original style makes them a real treasure in the world of footwear.

Inspired by the nautical theme and passion for ships, these are exclusive products from the Marricreo workshop.

Naples, Italy

The synergy of leather and wood processing experts combined with creativity and vision  Salvatora creates unique, functional and beautiful objects. The basic rule is: everything made in Italy, no compromises!

Unique production of 100% ecological sofas and furniture from the Biosofa workshop.

Lentate, Italy

100% natural materials - solid wood, jute, springs, recycled cotton, 100% natural latex, goose down and natural textiles such as linen. Products that leave no residue at all for future generations.

First-class production with respect for the environment, the founders of OmnibusDesign.

Florence, Italy

Furniture that emphasizes and celebrates the natural beauty of wood, working with influential designers and architects to provide unique, bespoke products.

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Luxury interiors of premium quality from the spHaus workshop

Erba, Italy

Progressive and innovative design company that manufactures and distributes 100% Italian interior ​​and outdoor modern furniture and accessories._

Premium quality, elegant and functional furniture from Baleri Italia workshop.

Lombardy, Italy

Internationally known, prestigiously awarded, for its elegant functional furniture designs that combine strict forms with classic contemporary style.

Unique, exclusive and rare materials, refined luxury, this is VG NewTrend.

Venice, Italy

Unique, exclusive and made of rare materials. VG Trend is an expression of refined luxury that is the result of constant research.

Handmade premium furniture from the Dale Italia workshop.

Verona, Italy

A harmonious combination of materials - walnut, oak and alder, combined together with steel, glass, marble, leather and fabric, luxury, originality and comfort.

Luxury design, premium quality, handmade and tradition, that's Marioni.

Florence, Italy

Their experience in the design market spans more than 50 years and they offer a comprehensive range of diverse collections, offering the most exclusive solutions.

Founder of LaPiega, modern, minimalistic furniture made by premium materials and handcrafted talent.

Verona, Italy

Built on the concept of metal wire shaping the relationship between the strength and hardness of the metal, staged through the lines of the objects.

Luxury craftmanship and exclusivity, Cassigoli Editions.

Pisa, Italy

Cassigoli products represent a perfect mix between luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity of processing and raw materials. 

Luxury umbrellas handcrafted with premium quality and design for gentlman and ladies worldwide.

Mantua, Italy

Luxury umbrellas of premium quality, masterpieces sold in the best boutiques around the world. Pasotti has been creating prestige since 1956.

Elli Design and its sustainable revolution in furniture design.

Lombardy, Italy

Allesia Elli's works are characterized by a distinct balance of shapes, light and transparency, giving natural accents to the environment in which they are placed. 

Beauty of extravagance and luxury premium furniture from extroverso workshop.

Lombardy, Italy

Creating artistic "bridges", Extroverso reveals beauty through the meeting of international sensibilities, traditions and identities.

The most beautiful and luxurious pen on the world, art and collectors items.

Piedmont, Italy

The world's most beautiful collectible pens - ferocious falcons, crawling tigers, proud horses, diamonds, gold...a renewed appreciation for handwriting.

Extraordinary luxury LED lamps from Italy brand LesFirst.

Lombardy, Italy

Renaissance themes with Mediterranean roots are hallmarks of Massimo Marcomini's meticulous,   modern design style.

Collection of luxury outdoor furniture

Mogliano, Italy

Contemporary style, handmade, refined finishes and the highest quality selected materials, this is the fascinating Braid collection.

Team of extraordinery artisans of highest quality ceramics from Italy, Ceramiche sonda.

Rosa, Italy

One rose will never be the same as another.
Our ceramics are handcrafted at every stage of the process: each piece is unique.

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