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Unique umbrellas with a huge collection of designs, styles, handles. Individual masterpieces made exclusively in Italy and distributed in the best boutiques worldwide.


In the countryside of Mantua, there is still someone who continues to produce handmade luxury umbrellas and export them to all corners of the world under a brand that will soon celebrate its 68th anniversary: Pasotti.


The company stands out for its creativity and rigorous search for materials, all exclusively Italian: enameled brass handles, Swarovski® crystals, rare silk fabrics and amazing decorations.

The company was founded in 1956" and was founded by Ernesta Pasotti, the mother of the current owner, Mrs. Eva Giacomini. Ms. Pasotti began making unique umbrellas that she sold directly, sometimes riding her bicycle. Then, with Ms. Giacomini's father, Vittorio, mainly in charge of sales, the business grew from a small artisanal firm to a large company, with more than a hundred employees.


Today, the company is smaller and focuses its production mainly on limited edition umbrellas. Pasotti produces 40,000 handmade umbrellas a year: these are high-quality products that are sold in the most prestigious boutiques in 75 countries. 93% of turnover is realized abroad, mainly in Europe, North America, Russia and China.


In addition to the Pasotti collection, the company is proud of a number of collaborations with the most sacred fashion brands".

And indeed, the overseas market continues to grow, thanks to Nicole and Andrea Begotti, the next generation who participate in the most important fashion weeks and their investment in the web, increasing their brand awareness.

The production of Italian luxury umbrellas lives on from generation to generation.