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Get inspired by our choice


Spring, planting time

Unique, frost-resistant, exceptional ... This is terracotta from Impruneta ... Not only will your plants thank you with their healthy but also the space will give you extraordinary design and beauty ... 

servírovací sada.jpg

Nautical collection

Passion for ships, sea, design ... When all elements are combined with an original vision, skill and quality materials give rise to this unique, versatile collection ... 


Beautiful and original furniture, the variability and design of which meets the requirements of every idea ...



The idea of reclaiming and reusing discarded marble in works of practical art is at the forefront of conscious origin and sustainability in design. 

RADICA I 01.jpeg

New life of wood

The unique Aeternus collection gives new life to plants and trees that would otherwise be forgotten or burned. Each piece in this collection is unique and each has its own story


Dale Italia has committed itself to a commitment to the responsible use of resources and selects the highest quality materials of sustainable origin: raw material is the heart of business and becomes the protagonist of every piece of furniture .

dale interier.jpeg
Quartz Armchair 8.jpeg



Biosofa - 100% natural and certified materials. Massive wood, jute, springs, recycled cotton, 100% natural latex, goose downery and natural textiles such as linen. Products that leave no residue at all for future generations.

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