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Stefano Barluzzi is an artist from Pienza, a Tuscan city known for its monuments and noble craft traditions. His family, the Sbarluzzi family, has been involved in ceramics for several generations, passing on this artistic tradition of commitment and passion.

Stefano Barluzzi continues the legacy of his ancestor, Ruggero Sbarluzzi, and dreams of passing on to future generations not only the most valuable human values, but also the art of working with and decorating ceramics. For him, ceramics is a way of communication and expression of emotions and state of mind.

His work is based on ancient traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Sbarluzzi family. He creates unique ceramic objects that reflect the rich history of Tuscan artistic heritage. His works are carefully crafted and decorated with the precision and attention to detail typical of Renaissance traditions.

Stefano Barluzzi uses various techniques in his work such as hand modeling, etching, glazing and more. His ceramic products often have organic shapes and are decorated with elegant patterns and motifs inspired by the nature and history of the region.

His artwork is valued for its authenticity, beauty and respect for traditional craft techniques. His works are part of art collections and are appreciated for their value and aesthetic quality.

Stefano Barluzzim and his family still preserve the spirit and tradition of ceramics in Pienza, bringing to the world not only beauty, but also the heritage of the past and artistic passion. His art is a testament to the richness of Italy's cultural heritage and his ability to connect the past with the present through artistic expression.