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Urso Luxury

Beautiful handmade solid gold and silver pens, limited edition and custom made. Pen manufacturing by Urso Luxury is a secret hidden behind 100 precise steps, exquisite artistry, and unrepeatable mastery. In an era of mass industry, Urso Luxury is a symbol of slow, hand-crafted design, cementing the best local craftsmanship and traditions from Valenza into the production of world-renowned luxury accessories.


Master artist Giuseppe Urso, together with his brother Lucio, started their journey in 1985, creating exclusive jewelry. Over time, their passion extended to the production of luxury pens, all created by hand in their atelier in Candia Lomellina, just 30 kilometers from Valenza. Today, Urso Luxury stands at the pinnacle of bespoke craftsmanship, winning commissions from Indian tycoons to Middle Eastern royalty.

The Urso Luxury collection is characterized by unique style and meticulous craftsmanship. Most recently, Urso Luxury dives into animal-themed design trends with the introduction of the Panther Collection pens, a limited edition of fifty fountain pens, each with unique designs. Rendering wild beasts with such precision as they are created in this case requires extraordinary skill and art.


Urso Luxury preserves Italian traditions and is run as a family business. Giuseppe, Lucio and Riccardo Urso are the main creators of many designs. Although they often invite local artists and approach local workshops, they are not afraid to incorporate modern technology into their work and establish partnerships with artists and craftsmen from other parts of Europe, the United States or the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, Urso Luxury stands behind the traditional methods of jewelry production, which are rapidly disappearing in the world.


"Our philosophy is clear - you can't rush these things," says Giuseppe, emphasizing that Urso Luxury pens are luxury collectors' items, expecting impeccable quality. Every luxury Urso pen is unique and made with love.


The Horse collection is one such masterpiece, adorned with diamonds and solid 18K gold, which Valria Kuhar, one of the partners of Urso Luxury in Dubai, said: "C'est superbe!"