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Omnibus Design

Omnibus Design is a leading and well-established Florentine furniture company founded by Sergio Sassolini. Sergio spent decades working with his father, a carpenter, learning the secrets of the trade from him, which eventually inspired him to start his own business.

Omnibus Design specializes in making furniture that highlights and celebrates the natural beauty of wood. Over the years, she has chosen to collaborate with prominent designers and architects to provide her clients with unique and custom-made products. The company constantly experiments with new materials and combines them with excellent craftsmanship, which strengthens the brand and its creative vision.

Working with leading architectural firms has allowed Omnibus Design to expand and refine its artistic skills. Creating custom furniture from rare materials such as wood, steel, fabric, marble and glass allows this company to satisfy customers who are looking to realize their own dreams - from planning to actual living.

Omnibus Design prides itself on being able to combine functionality, aesthetics and craftsmanship in its products. Each piece of furniture is carefully designed and manufactured with the individual requirements of the customer in mind. The company is known for its commitment to excellence and ability to bring elegant and tasteful elements to any space.

Omnibus Design has earned respect and recognition in the market for its mastery of craftsmanship, innovative design and ability to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. It is a company that builds on tradition, but is not afraid to discover new trends and bring new inspirations and perspectives to the furniture world.


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