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Ruocco Art Foundation

Fonderia Artistica Ruocco is an artistic foundry dedicated to the production of inanimate objects. Their masters describe the casting process as a magical moment when the wax turns into a hot river of bronze. This process is linked to the oldest traditions and is passed down from generation to generation with care to keep the secrets of the recipes intact.

The Ruocco Foundry specializes in the production of objects that are inanimate on the outside, but can evoke pleasant feelings in a person. They use high-quality raw materials and extract from them the noblest and noblest part, which is then molded into harmonious and mystical shapes.

Their works tell beautiful stories and represent unique wishes that come straight from people's hearts. Each product is 100% original Italian, which means that it is completely made in Italy from Italian components and natural materials of the highest quality. Ruocco creates its products according to exclusive styles and designs and adheres to typical Italian craftsmanship and tradition.

Collaborating with the Fonderia Artistica Ruocco foundry means entering the world of mastery and artistic craftsmanship. Their products are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also carry a deep history and tradition of Italian artistic heritage.

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