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Carbone Winejars

Massimo Carbone Wine Jars are made with precision and dedication to traditional techniques, entirely by hand from certified Impruneta clay. This special clay is unique in its resistance to frost and its insulating and inert properties make it ideal for winemaking purposes. Massimo Carbone works with the farm Azienda Agricola Ottomani and skilled and sensitive winemakers to perfect the classic Etruscan amphora and create vessels that are optimal for vinification.

A characteristic feature of these amphorae is the terracotta lid, which allows the elimination of elements such as steel or resin. Massimo Carbone performs internal multi-layer coating also of terracotta, using special techniques. As a result, the amphorae do not require any further treatment, such as enameling or waxing, and are easily disinfected by simply rinsing with water.

His kiln is a member of the Associazione Fornaci Storiche ed Artistiche di Impruneta (Association of Historical and Artistic Kilns of Impruneta) and proudly bears the trademark "ARTISTIC & TRADITIONAL CERAMICS" (CAT) granted by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Crafts. Massimo Carbone Wine Jars are thus a manifestation of mastery and tradition, which are protected and valued in the world of ceramics.

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