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SpHaus is an innovative Italian furniture company that focuses on formal innovation and manufacturing quality. From the very beginning, they have tried to go beyond the general standardization of the Italian furniture industry and offer unique and functional products without losing their purity of form.

SpHaus is located in the prestigious Brianza Design District, which is known as the epicenter of Italian design. This strategic location allows the company to work with the best designers and benefit from their knowledge and skills in the field of furniture. As a result, SpHaus' manufacturing processes continue to be refined, resulting in a unique and sophisticated catalog with many refined items that are intended for both the professional and private markets.

The main part of the SpHaus collection are indoor and outdoor upholstered sofas and armchairs, which form the basis of their business portfolio. In addition, the catalog also offers indoor dining tables, occasional low tables and interior lamps. Products are carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail and quality.

SpHaus also emphasizes the adaptation of its products to the needs of customers. It offers the option of choosing colors and fabrics according to the customer's wishes and is able to create completely new products according to individual requirements. This allows customers to express their personality and have a unique piece of furniture that matches their style and taste.

SpHaus thus becomes a synonym for high-quality and design-attractive furniture that combines innovation with the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Their products are valued both domestically and internationally and provide customers with the opportunity to create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and unique.