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Forest First

Les First was founded by Massimo Marcomini and Nadia Marconato in 2015 as a natural evolution of their work in architecture. This brand creates interior decorations that combine a unique Italian tradition of exceptional quality and style with a range of local artisan companies from Lombardy and Venice.

Les First aims to reinvent traditional craftsmanship and bring sustainable high-tech elements to it. In a world dominated by large manufacturing companies, Les First decided to work on a human scale and preserve the roots of Italian tradition, but at the same time brings a dose of the present to his creations.

Their interior decorations are the result of a combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology. Les First focuses on details and precision to achieve high quality and aesthetic appeal. The brand relies on perfect workmanship and careful selection of materials to create unique and durable products.

Les First represents the combination of traditional values and innovation that is so characteristic of Italian design. Their products are a manifestation of the passion and dedication to quality that Italian craftsmanship brings. Les First maintains harmony with the heritage of the past while not being afraid to step towards the future and experiment with new trends and technologies.


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