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Unique art from Tuscany


By purchasing terracotta products from our offer, you are not buying a vase, but a unique piece of Tuscany, in which you can watch the unmistakable touch of a craftsman and the power of the terracotta tradition of Impruneta.
The Tuscan village of Impruneta, located in the Chianti hills between olive groves, vineyards and forests, is best known for the production of terracotta pottery, where this tradition dates back to the 14th century and its production gradually influenced landscape, architecture, urban design and economy.
In addition to the unmistakable design, aesthetic shapes, perfect workmanship and timeless beauty of terracotta pots and sculptures, the functionality and practicality of terracotta are undoubtedly advised, including perfect plant frost protection down to -30 ° C and the ability of pots to create a healthy climate for plants. 



Each piece is original

Thanks to the terracotta from Imprunet, which is characterized by exceptional quality and traditional production techniques, which have been brought to absolute perfection during its existence, our suppliers have received CAT - (Artistic and Traditional Ceramics) certification as one of the very few producers of this traditional ceramics. Fornace Masini, M.I.T.A.L., Poggi Ugo and Massimo Carbone products are a guarantee of high resistance and long-term durability of all products.

Thanks to exclusively manual processing and adherence to the traditional production process, every product you buy from us is unique and unique in the world.

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Production process

There are several ways of this unique production, each preserving its secrets, history and craftsmen. But they all have in common that they work on terracotta according to ancient and traditional production techniques. Our entire production is completely handmade. Through their production process, they ensure the highest level of each individual product, in which the irreplaceable touch of the craftsman and the living force of tradition can be clearly traced. Artistic potters and craftsmen use creativity and style in the production of flower pots, which are the result of work and experience of more than 300 years. 

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