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Erba Italia

Erba Italia is a prestigious brand created by Giorgio Soressi, a multi-talented Italian designer, painter and musician. His mastery lies in the perfect rhythm of simple lines and charming materials in his creations.

Shapes, styles, colors and functionality blend in perfect harmony in Erba Italia products. Each piece is masterfully crafted with longevity and aesthetic appeal in mind. The main building blocks of the collection are sofa sets, armchairs and lounge chairs, which represent the basis of the assortment. Added to this are accessories such as tables, lamps, poufs and hand-knotted carpets, which enrich the interiors and give them a perfect look.

The Erba Italia collection is present on five continents and is available in 60 countries worldwide for an elite clientele. At the same time, the brand offers individual orders and provides tailor-made services for interior and architectural studios. Flexibility and establishing long-term partnerships are key factors for Erba Italia's strategic priorities.

Erba Italia is synonymous with luxury design and high quality craftsmanship. Their products are exceptional and meet the highest standards of design and functionality. By cooperating with Erba Italia, you get not only a piece of art, but also a long-lasting and elegant design element for your interior.