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Since its inception, TuscanyLux has been committed to a single mission: to support artists and designers who share their passion for beauty and leave their mark on the world. We believe that creativity has the immense power to express emotions for which there are no words, regardless of language. With this vision, we support contemporary creators whose creativity opens minds and connects people. Artists and designers offer us their visions of society through their unique perspectives. Join our community of art and design lovers and let's support contemporary creatives together.


We expand the boundaries:

TuscanyLux encourages and supports artists and designers while giving them international visibility. Our contemporary creators thrive by sharing their visions of beauty, opening minds and connecting people. We are proud to be the link between talented artists and passionate collectors. We strive to make the art world more inclusive, whether you're an artist, designer or just a lover of beauty.


The power of art in your life:

Art has always provided a vehicle for expression and exchange—regardless of time or place—and everyone deserves the opportunity to integrate the power of art into their own lives. We believe that art can move people and add immense value to every individual's life. TuscanyLux wants to share this passion with you and bring you amazing works that can open new perspectives for you.


Innovations in the art market:

We saw an opportunity in the art market because many artists are not digitally established and traditional players are rather reticent in this regard. In addition, the art market is highly fragmented and organized by country. This means that there is no large international market, rather many small ones. TuscanyLux set out to change this state of affairs through a digital solution that allows artists to gain global visibility that they might not have with traditional galleries.


Our platform offers artists and designers a unique opportunity to present their work to an international audience. We help talented creators become visible and connect with passionate collectors and art lovers around the world. Our community network continues to grow, offering mutual support and collaboration between creators and their fans.


TuscanyLux is a place where innovation and passion for art and design meet. On our platform you will find a wide range of works from different artists, from painters and sculptors to fashion designers and interior designers. We believe that every work of art has its own unique story and can enrich the lives of those who encounter it.

One of our main goals is also to create a space for mutual connection and collaboration between artists and designers. Whether you're looking for inspiration, a new collaborator, or a space to showcase your own work, TuscanyLux offers you a community to support you and push your creativity forward.


Join us and discover the world of creativity. Be part of our community of art and design lovers, support contemporary creatives and discover their unique works. Our platform will not only give you the opportunity to purchase original artworks, but also take you behind the scenes of creation and let you meet the faces of talented artists and designers.

TuscanyLux invites you to be carried away by the beauty of art and design. Come with us to discover new perspectives, get inspired and support those who change the world around us with their talent and passion.

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