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Davide Barzaghi comes from a family of 7 generations of furniture makers.

From the age of fourteen he worked and learned in the family factories, mastering the craft and falling in love with the beauty of the patterns.


He began preparing to one day take over the company. However, an optional class at the university in a dusty laboratory one spring afternoon changed his path forever.

What if the product was designed not only with regard to its practical use and sale, but also with regard to its disposal at the end of its useful life? What if the manufacturing company took full responsibility for this product until its very end?


With these questions buzzing in his head, Davide took a long look at his own family business and knew he had to be the initiator of a clear change. But how?

Davide immediately started researching old production techniques and materials with his father Danilo and grandfather Aim.


After all, there was a way before plastic came... a new way must be found...

In parallel, he met with inventors and chemists to jointly discuss the latest trends in the field of ecological materials. He also drew a circle of young designers into his project. His ideas intrigued them so much that in 2012 they created the first collection of pieces from 100% natural materials.