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La Piega

The LaPiega brand is created by Enrico Girotti, who is a graduate of Industrial Design at the IUAV in Venice. His work is based on a solid connection of thought, action and object realization, which takes place in an integrated process where no phase is accidental. LaPiegaWD focuses on creating and developing high quality products that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also very comfortable.

When creating products, the relationship between people is an important element. This applies to the relationship between the designer and the people involved in the creation of the product, as well as the relationship with the end users. This network of connections makes it possible to create products of the highest quality that are personalized from the start to meet specific needs.

LaPiega emphasizes fluidity in the creative process. There is no separation between project, product and user. In this way, it is ensured that everything is connected and harmonized into a unified whole. LaPiega believes that each product is the result of a careful and thoughtful process that reflects their philosophy of combining function, aesthetics and comfort.

The LaPiega brand thus becomes a synonym for quality, innovation and a personal approach to design. Their products are the result of inspiration, work and collaboration that respects the needs and preferences of users.