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Elli Design

Elli Design is a brand that combines the future with unique avant-garde shapes and contemporary innovative designs, using the most revolutionary technologies. This company connects passionate artists and artisans who share their belief in creativity and innovation. Elli is synonymous with perseverance, curiosity, research, experimentation, innovation and Italian excellence.

Innovative and sustainable production is an essential part of the DNA of Elli Design's creative process. The company aims to reshape contemporary design practice by combining Italian tradition and excellence with innovative and sustainable technology. Their first collection is the result of a seamless collaboration between designers, artisans and robots. This collection combines the past of Italian design with its sustainable innovative future.

Elli Design focuses on creating unique and inspiring designs that push the boundaries of traditional thinking. Their team of creatives and technologists are not afraid to experiment and look for new possibilities in the world of design. They use modern materials, techniques and processes that allow them to create unique and innovative products.

At the same time, sustainable and responsible business is important to Elli Design. They try to minimize the negative impact on the environment and use materials and processes that are kind to the planet. The company prides itself on its approach to sustainability and strives to set an example for others in the design industry.

Elli Design brings new perspectives and innovative thinking to the world of design. Their products are fresh, avant-garde and full of creativity. By working with Elli Design, you will not only get an exceptional design, but also a piece of Italian artistic heritage combined with modern technologies and sustainability.

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