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Stone Stackers

Stone Stackers is a modern brand that takes a deeply classic and high-class approach to design. Their main idea is the reclamation and reuse of discarded marble, which was previously considered a waste product. In doing so, they join the global movement of conscious origin and sustainability in design.

Stone Stackers creates modern and practical works of art from offcuts and fragments of ancient stone sourced from the Italian mountains. This material, which would otherwise end up in landfills, is intelligently reused and transformed into durable modern pieces. This initiative combines entrepreneurial creativity with environmental altruism.

Stone Stackers focuses on the duality between old and new by making something out of nothing. Their creators, Paolo Ciacci, Shilpi Srinivas and their partner Simeg Marmi, bring their individual experience and shared vision to the brand. This creates not only a new enterprise, but also an original interpretation of the eternal value and beauty of stone.

Stone Stackers brings innovative and aesthetically impressive products that reflect the connection of the past and the present. Their work emphasizes the importance of sustainable design and the responsible use of natural resources. The company becomes a symbol of progressive thinking in the field of art and design, which connects tradition with modernity and appreciates both the aesthetic and ecological value of stone.


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