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Fornace Masini

Impruneta, Italy

Fornace Masini is an expert in the production of garden furniture with an emphasis on vases, flower pots, sculptures and fountains. Since 1938, it has focused on artistic terracotta, which continues the centuries-old tradition of producing terracotta objects from Impruneta. The Masini family has been committed to the high quality of their products throughout their lives, which is reflected in their unique products that combine elegance, craftsmanship, functionality and durability.

Fornace Masini carries an exceptional legacy that continues today through Marco and his daughter Costanza. Together, they work to develop the Masini brand to bring it to the international and global stage. Their passion and dedication to artistic terracotta brings unique value and unmistakable style to their products.

Fornace Masini is proud of its long tradition and expertise in the production of terracotta. Their products are created with precision and care for every detail. Thanks to this, they can dazzle with their craftsmanship and bring not only aesthetic beauty to the space, but also high quality and durability.

Cooperation with Fornace Masini means entering the world of traditional craftsmanship enriched with innovative elements. Their products are ready to enliven garden spaces and bring an artistic touch that represents harmony between the past and the present.

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