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Extroverso is a prestigious design company that brings a combination of experience, passion and creativity to the world of furniture. Their creations are the result of "Made in Italy" master craftsmanship and traditional values, which they combine with innovative vision and evolutionary design.

Extroverso is not afraid to connect the past with the future, sustainability with local realities and the sensitivity of different languages and international identities. The result is perfect harmony and beauty in the created works.

The founder and curator of Extroverso, Manuela Dello Strologo, seeks exceptional designers who shape the present and anticipate future trends through their creations. The company engages in a constant dialogue with traditions and thus creates unique and innovative design pieces.

Extroverso is synonymous with design excellence and quality craftsmanship. Their creations not only bring aesthetic joy to interiors, but also tell the story of the connection of past, present and future.