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Marioni was founded in Florence in 1966 thanks to the intuition of its founder Paolo Marioni. Today it is already run by the third generation of the family. The original artisan character of the atelier gradually changed and acquired its current corporate form from the 1980s. Starting with ceramic products, the company is gradually developing into the area of home accessories with an emphasis on color combinations, surface treatments and decorations. Their objects are characterized by the creativity of details and the precision of manual execution.

After the untimely death of Paolo Marioni in 1992, his son Simone took over the management of the company, leading it to grow and expand into international markets. Marioni is a modern and dynamic company that offers customers high quality products and collaborates with the best architects, interior designers and suppliers in order to find ever more exclusive solutions.

Marioni creates objects of unmistakable refinement and taste, rejecting mass production. Each collection can be customized to the customer's needs. The company's story is full of personal experiences and human values that put it at the forefront of its industry. The relationship between the client and the Marioni creative team often goes beyond a simple offer and leads to a positive and continuous exchange of stimulating ideas and innovative designs. Thanks to this vision, Marioni established herself in the diverse Italian business environment.