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Slovak folk majolica

Modran majolica is an important part of Slovak traditions, individual patterns have been handed down by artists for hundreds of years. For 140 years, the bearer of this part of Slovak history has been Slovak folk majolica, which produces majolica with typical patterns in Modra.


The greatest craftsmen trained and worked in its premises, and in their work they captured the life of ordinary people as well as important events. They passed on their experience to the next generations, who worked inspired by their role models.


Since November 2017, Modřanská majolica is part of the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. In Slovak folk majolica for 140 years, master craftsmen have been developing inherited traditions, creating the ceramic soul of the region with their hands and hearts. All products are handmade and painted. Each piece is a unique work.


In Modra, majolica with traditional ornamentation is created, in 2019 new, utilitarian and design patterns were also added. A blue feather, a purple spike and a burgundy leaf are the first patterns from the collection inspired by Heřman Landsfeld, the founder of Modran majolica, and his sample books from the beginning of the last century. The curator of SNM - Museum of Slovak Ceramic Sculpture Agáta Petrakovičová Šikulová collaborated on the collection.


The Zkratka design collection was created in cooperation with the Modřan creative studio Design friendly - ​​ moves the Modřan majolica ornamentation into the 21st century and brings the traditional Slovak ou beauty for modern users.

Each manufactured piece is a handmade original, so it is necessary to allow for possible deviations when purchasing multiple pieces. We also offer a certain freedom in the production of products: we are happy to have products manufactured for you according to your ideas.