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Handmade Impruneta Terracotta: Fornace Masini

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Fornace Masini is a #historic presence in the artisanal terracotta business of Impruneta. Since 1983 their production has been centered around garden furnitures, such as #pots, #boxes, #statues, #fountains and much more.

They’re carrying on the century-old tradition of Impruneta terracotta for generations. The family’s lifelong commitment to high-quality manufacturing is captured in their pieces, which combine elegance and craftsmanship with functionality and durability. This extraordinary legacy is carried on today by Marco and his daughter Costanza, who work together to elevate the Masini brand to the international stage.

All the processing is completely #handcrafted respecting and following the ancient techniques of traditional production. The #exclusive use of the soil of Impruneta allows the manufactured goods to resist #extreme temperatures as low as -30C°.

“All of our terracotta is recognized by CAT sign (Artistic and Traditional Ceramics), that guarantees the #highquality of our products and certifies the origin of the clay from Impruneta as well as the product as being made there.”

In 1934, Ottavio and Livio Masini began working as kilnmen by taking over the old Giuseppe Agresti Kiln in #Impruneta. The company currently produces about 450 articles of various shapes and sizes that range from the classical to the most modern. The techniques and work cycles remain unchanged: in fact, larger vases and jars are entirely handmade using the old “coil” technique; hours and hours of work are required to complete a unique, highly ornamental object, carefully signed and dated. Special attention is paid to the firing process that gives the finished product roughness, compactness and the characteristic deep rustic red colour that is typical of the earth of Impruneta.

They are #unique products, of exceptional #beauty and highly resistant to atmospheric agents, especially frost and temperatures as low as -30°C. The craftsmen of the Masini Kiln use not only their skill and creativity, but also the dedication and passion of their forefathers. The company is a member of the Consortium for the Terracotta of Impruneta.

More About: Family Masini

Livio, Ottavio e Bruno Masini

In 1934, Ottavio and Livio Masini began working as #kilnmen by taking over the old Giuseppe Agresti Kiln in Impruneta. The following year, their brother Bruno joined them and he alone, in 1939, took over the old Vanni Kiln that dated back to 1681.

Osvaldo Masini

Soon Osvaldo flanked his father Bruno. Osvaldo was only 10 years old when he entered the workshop for the first time. He literally fell in love with his #job. In the mid Seventies, after the death of his father, Osvaldo took over the workshop and, with the help of expert collaborators, like his wife Carla, carried on the activity.

Marco Masini

In 1981, Marco, Osvaldo and Carla’s son, started working in the workshop at 22 years old.

In a short time Masini Terracotta was demanded #worldwide. Marco’s leadership, Osvaldo’s experience and their expert collaborators made it possible. First in #Europe, especially Germany, France, UK and Belgium, then all around the world, from US to Japan, from Australia to UAE. In 2004 Marco went to New York to do a demonstration of working clay at New York Botanical Garden: Masini Terracotta became world-renowned.

Costanza Masini

In 2014 Costanza, the fourth generation, joined the family business, as marketing and sales manager. In 2019 she became senior associate with her father Marco. Costanza, since she entered in family business for the first time, has a project that she’s working on hard: introduce her brand to a wider market.

Masini pottery is synonymous with #handmade quality

The founding values of Masini company are and always has been #consumer care and the guarantee of the #highestquality of our #terracotta pots.

From the choice of the clay, to the entirely handcrafted processing, the goal is to guarantee a product of quality and value for the consumer. Considering the increasingly frequent attempts to counterfeit Impruneta terracotta by companies that brand and mark their products with the nomenclature “Made in Impruneta” or “Terra di Impruneta” when they neither use the clay from Impruneta, nor use traditional and artisanal techniques in their production, they decided to find a way to #protect the consumer...

Are you curios how? You will find the answer in the next article here.

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