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Klara Langrova

She was born in 1982 in Kadani. She graduated from a college of economics and worked for several years in multinational companies.

"I grew up in a family where the emphasis was on a university degree and a prestigious job. Although my parents always wanted only the best for me, my career in the field of economics did not fulfill me in any way, on the contrary, it exhausted me and I did not feel happy."

She painted her first painting on canvas 14 years ago. During this time, she found her own style and uniqueness. He prefers to paint with acrylic on canvas, sometimes adding dry or oil pastels and other mediums and pigments. Her palette is very expressive. He is not afraid of any combination.

Her works reflect her perception of the world and contemplation of its essence. The paintings are painted intuitively mostly based on dreams and visions. Sometimes inspiration also comes from the experiences of everyday life, from looking at the sky, water, or a view of beauty. With her works, the author wants to turn your attention inward to your emotions and feelings.

"When my painting speaks to you and captures your heart, it is the greatest reward for me. I want you to feel that there is something more between heaven and earth."

The author's works are in private collections throughout the Czech Republic. In 2018 and 2019, she exhibited at the Gallery at the Golden Rooster in Prague at the collective exhibition of students of the studio of painter and art therapist Andrea Ehret. In the fall of 2022, her first solo exhibition called KALEIDOSCOPE took place in Café Záhorský.

"Sometimes, when I start painting and I have a rough concept in mind, I myself am surprised that the work ends up completely different. When it is given from above, I get into a "flow" where I do not perceive the space around me or time. You can see the result in my gallery. Judge for yourself.

I'm not playing a big artist. I want to convey love and joy through my paintings."