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Alan Huey

Alan has been involved with working wood in various capacities since childhood, tracing back to the moment when his grandfather sold him his inaugural whittling knife. This introductory tool, acquired for a mere $0.50 to ward off bad luck according to tradition, marked his initiation into the world of woodworking. Guided by his grandfather's skilled teachings, he discovered the art of whittling at an early age, perhaps around 10 or even younger. This foundational experience paved the way for crafting boxes, model airplanes, and even furniture, all hewn from the versatile medium of wood.

As adolescence gave way to adulthood, his early hobby steadily transformed into a fervent passion. Throughout his teenage years and into his grown-up life, he has remained steadfast in refining his woodworking skills. During his youth, he first encountered wood turning, although the absence of a lathe restricted him from fully delving into this technique until he was able to acquire his own lathe later on. The captivating process of turning wood on a lathe struck a chord with him, igniting a profound affinity for this particular facet of woodworking.

His magnetic connection to wood extends beyond his workshop; he finds himself inexplicably drawn to wooden objects wherever he goes. Gazing upon the intricate patterns of wood grain has become a favorite pastime. The unique and distinct character found in each piece of wood captivates his attention as an artist, and the very grain itself has evolved into his artistic palette. This lifelong ardor for woodworking has perpetually thrived within him.

Alan had chosen artistic avenue centers on creating both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian items from a diverse array of woods. Alan’s repertoire ranges from crafting furniture and custom boxes to jewelry boxes, puzzles, turned bowls, cutting boards, and exquisite jewelry. He's devoted his artistic vision to crafting everyday items that exude beauty, but are also designed to be used. Rather than serving as static ornaments gathering dust on shelves, his creations are meant to be held, interacted with, and seamlessly incorporated into daily life. The marriage of functionality and beauty in wood resonates deeply with him. When he takes a piece of wood in hand, he relishes the process of unveiling the innate beauty woven into the grain by nature itself. He's an advocate of letting the wood's inherent splendor shine through his expertly shaped designs.

With more than four decades dedicated to the realm of Utilitarian Wooden Art, he embarked on this journey during his formative years, teaching himself the intricacies of the medium. His enthusiasm grew as he delved into creating high-end writing instruments, with a particular focus on crafting luxurious fountain pens. Incorporating diverse materials, including acrylic resins, acrylester resins, natural abalone shell, steel, carbon fiber, brass, and aluminum, he expanded his creative horizons. Each piece he crafts is meticulously shaped by his own hands, rendering it not only unique in design but also highlighting the individuality of wood grain. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, the character of each piece of wood tells a distinctive story.

In 2009, Alan took the step of introducing his artistic creations to the public by establishing ASH Woodshops. He thrives on collaborative efforts with his customers, conjuring bespoke pieces tailored precisely to their wishes. This personalized touch has become a hallmark of his workshop.

Alan’s ultimate aspiration is to offer top-tier products that echo his customers' shared love for wood. Nothing is shipped that he wouldn't treasure for himself. Known for top-notch quality, prompt service, and exceedingly content customers, he pushes the boundaries in every endeavor he undertakes.


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