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Plastic or terracotta pots? 4 reasons to prefer the quality of terracotta pots from Impruneta

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The high quality of our products and the attention to the environment have always been our distinguishing values and, for this reason, we would like to explain costumers how to choose between plastic or terracotta pots for their plants.

Why prefer a pot from Impruneta instead of a plastic pot?

  • High protection from atmospheric agents

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Health of your plants

  • Craftsmanship and aesthetics

  • High protection from atmospheric agents: the first point to choose plastic or terracotta pots

Leaving plants outside in the garden may involve some risks: the pot can break when it falls or get ruined with cracks. The first parameter to understand whether a terracotta vase is better than a plastic one is the resistance from atmospheric agents.

In fact, the precious clay of Impruneta, called galestro, brings to life resistant vases: these pots are perfect both for indoor and outdoor purposes. What when temperatures drop because of frost?

Unlike a plastic vase, lighter but not as resistant against cold, the entire range of products signed Fornace Masini is resistant to extreme temperatures below -25 °. If you are looking for any advice on how to protect your terracotta products in Winter, this blog post is for you!

  • Environmental sustainability: the green-friendly terracotta products “made in Impruneta”

We are often familiar with sustainability issues and the Green Economy, but we often continue choosing products with full of plastic components or packaging. However, before buying a pot to furnish your garden, you can easily make a conscious choice, with an eye to the environment.

Earth, water, fire and air are the only 4 elements used to create a terracotta pot, which, combined with the skillful hand of our artisans, make up the most green-friendly choice, to prefer to artificial materials.

  • Plastic or terracotta pots for the health of your plants? Let your plants breathe!

Those with a green thumb, can make the right choice if they are willing to preserve the health of their plants. Clay is a living material and it can naturally regulate the amount of water filtered by the soil: thanks to its porosity and the air circulating through the pot, excess water can evaporate and healthy roots can be preserved by avoiding stagnation.

  • Craftsmanship and aesthetics: the difference between plastic and terracotta

The last but not less important aspect to consider by those who wonder whether to choose a plastic or a terracotta pot, is the quality of the product. In the Masini Furnace, we have been working for years to protect the consumers, by guaranteeing them the highest standards for each product.

The entirely artisanal work of our terracotta pots, compared to plastic ones, makes each piece unique and of great value for the consumer. Although plastic pots are widespread, because they’re cheaper and easier to move, terracotta pots still have many advantages and are surely the very best choice of those looking for the high quality of a product.

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