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Marine collection not only on the boat!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Marricreo is a home decor #brand founded by Simona Novi and based in Naples.

The brand name is derived from the words "mar", for #sea, and the Neapolitan expression "ma' ricreo", signifying enjoyment or being reinvigorated by beauty: these two inspirations are reflected in the brand's design philosophy and pursuit of balanced proportions and sleek forms.

Crafted by exceptional #artisans in its workshop, Marricreo pieces are designed to be enjoyed year-round at home and on the #boat.

Marricreo is a Neapolitan word that means to #gratify oneself, to enjoy #beauty. It’s a word that means #satisfaction, #fulfillment, #gratification, #pleasure and it is exactly a #reality that relies on people with expertise in the field of #leather and #wood craft to achieve its goals when create these products. From this idea was born a collection of artifacts that are inspired by the sea. The synergy between creativity and the experience of team that has created a set of unique, functional and beautiful objects to appreciate.

Starting from traditional and strictly handcrafted techniques, Marricreo chooses natural materials, such as leather, wood, #teak, #ash, okumè, and combines them with #steel and #aluminum to create unique combinations of colors and materials. Marricreo offers a wide range of items, suitable for any environment, that are functional, well made, beautiful, anddurable over time: objects that can enrich any environment.

Made in Italy with no compromise !

It is from this passion that Marricreo was born.

The sea and boats are my passions from always, and the desire to live in contact for as long as possible, they have transformed my passions in business “, by the word of Salvatore.

"We believe that there is enormous importance in the way a product is created, because a well-made object ages beautifully, increasing its value."


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