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Surrealistic Commode Noble Vie by Kreatippci Studio 2.jpeg


Kreatippci is the embodiment of a creative space in which the possibilities are endless. The studio, which started its artistic journey in 2020, today combines the experiences and perspectives on art and design of its six creative members. Their mission is to bring old and forgotten things back to life, applying the 3R rule: Reshape. Recycle. Reuse. This is the cornerstone of their artistic approach. A strong belief in giving materials and things a second chance is Kreatipp's answer to the ecological crisis of the 21st century.

Creatives create functional art that gives birth to tangible objects and evokes emotions. They combine a variety of old craft techniques with new technologies. The designers and craftsmen at the Kreatippci studio accepted the challenge of preserving the originality, texture, simplicity or complexity of different materials such as wood, ceramics or iron. In their creative work, they seek uncharted territory that reflects their current state of mind.

Every new piece of art that is created in the workshop of Kreatippc is both original and reworked. These two qualities coexist in harmony. When creating a new work of art, they are inspired by the presence and history of the material they use. They process it to give it new meaning and context. In this way, they give new life to old things and represent an alternative to the waste and consumerism that often characterizes today's world.

Creatives want to lead the way and introduce a new direction in the art world. With their unique approach, they breathe new life into the space of art and design. They combine past and present, traditional and modern elements. Their art pieces tell stories of transformation and bring forgotten objects to life.

Kreatippci are not only artists, but also pioneers of a sustainable approach to creation. Their passion for preserving the environment is a fundamental building block of their creative process. Instead of creating new things completely from scratch, they focus on transforming and reviving already existing materials. In this way, they reduce waste and contribute to the protection of the planet.

For Kreatippce, art and design are a means to tell stories and express your thoughts and emotions. Each of their creations is the result of careful thinking and experimentation with materials. They combine different techniques and are inspired by different artistic trends to create unique and provocative works.


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