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Art Nagin 

Nagina Alieva: A painter capturing the soul in pictures

Art Nagin is an exceptional painter whose paintings are an expression of her self and carry a rich palette of emotions. Born and raised in Central Asia, she spent a significant part of her life in Tatarstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. These countries left a deep imprint on her heart and her work. Memories of her childhood, teenage years and local culture awakened the artist in her and influenced her from the very beginning.

From her youth, she was fascinated by the colorful variety of the Orient, the magic of the architecture of fairy-tale palaces and traditional clothes with beautiful prints. Cities like Samarkand and Bukhara, which represent a meeting of different cultures, have left an indelible mark on it. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge then led her to explore the other magics of travel.

Nagin graduated from two universities, but always gravitated towards freedom and art. She often started again from the beginning and went through both joyful moments and the cruelty of war. But she never gave up because love and hard times made her stronger. In his work, he conveys all these experiences and tries to capture them on canvas.

Her paintings are modern minimalist abstractions with a spiritual dimension. She works with high quality texturing pastes, gold and other metals, and uses acrylic paints. Each of her canvases has its own life and hides the magic of the soul. Her paintings bring an original atmosphere to every interior.

All work from Art Nagin's workshop is certified and each painting bears her signature on the front or back. Her works are intended for sale, but upon special request she also paints directly for a specific customer. As a gift, he can prepare a visualization of his canvas directly in your interior.

Nagina Alieva, a strong woman and mother, continues her artistic journey. For her, her paintings are a way of expression and a way to share her soul with the world.


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