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Merino wool scarf hand-woven on a loom - Clematis 2.jpeg

Ana Y Francis Tejedores

Ana and Francis Tejedores/Natural Handwoven are a textile design duo deeply passionate about the art of weaving from natural fibers on non-mechanized craft looms. They founded their workshop in 2007 with a commitment to create unique, handwoven pieces that are beautiful and sustainable. Their designs are inspired by the natural world that surrounds them, and they take great care to meticulously weave each piece to ensure the highest quality.

Over the years, Ana and Francis have perfected their craft and become experts in weaving from natural, organic and/or recycled fibers. They have two distinct product lines: a natural line and a colored line. Each piece is handwoven with care and attention to detail, resulting in unique works of art that are meant to be used, reused and enjoyed.

In 2014, the duo expanded their project and moved to Orcera, where they set up a workshop in a forest lodge in the Sierra de Cazorla Segura y las Villas Natural Park. They named their new project El Pilarillo and opened their studio to the public. Visitors can now enjoy personalized attention and learn to hand-weave on looms, receive intensive training on a loom of their choice and explore the stunning Sierra de Safe.

Ana and Francis are completely dedicated to their craft and are proud that their workshop in El Pilarillo has been recognized as a point of interest for Andalusian artisans. They invite anyone interested in the art of hand weaving on non-mechanized looms to visit them and learn more about this exciting and rewarding craft.