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Alberto Ribera

Alberto Ribera Ibargüen, a talented artist, began his artistic development at a young age in his father's studio. He was surrounded by inspiration and gained invaluable experience in creating furniture from the very beginning. However, Alberto considers himself self-taught, constantly learning and developing his artistic skills.

His work is an expression of his own unique view of the world. Over time, his work expanded from designing furniture to architectural sculpture and natural design. When he inherited his father's workshop in Madrid, a new field opened up for him to further develop his artistic expression in painting, design and sculpture.

Alberto is known for his conscientious approach to his work. For him, it is not only the aesthetic execution of the work that is important, but also that the work has a soul and communicates with the viewer. His artwork is thus an expression of his own experiences and emotions.

Today, Alberto works in his own workshop in Turégan, where he devotes himself to creation and develops his artistic skills. During his creative journey, he experienced many important moments, from making furniture for non-profit associations that help the disabled to choosing his works for collectors in Germany. Joining TuscanyLux represents a new challenge and opportunity for Albert to further grow and expose his art to a wider audience.

Alberto Ribera is an artist with a passion for his work, which for him is not only a creative expression, but also a way to share his unique vision of the world with others. His artistic journey is always in motion, full of discovery and inspiration brought by his unique art.