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MITAL (Manifattura Imprunetana Terrecotte Artistiche e Laterizi) is one of the longest running businesses in Impruneta, the Tuscan region of Italy, and represents one of the most beautiful properties in the Chianti area. The Mariani family has been dedicated to this tradition for more than 100 years, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, quality and tradition.

Anselmo Mariani, a man of firm principles, was the forerunner of the production of "precious terracotta", an integral part of the cultural and artisanal heritage of the area. Passion, attention to detail and the pursuit of quality have been passed down from generation to generation without any change in the processing of terracotta from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day.

The MITAL company uses the original furnace and produces products with a characteristic classic and elegant line. However, their terracotta is distinguished from others by its warm color, rich shades and also the durability that is typical of the geological quality of the Impruneta area.

MITAL is proud of its long-standing traditions and passing on knowledge from generation to generation. Their terracotta products not only reflect beauty and elegance, but also represent exceptional quality and durability. The company maintains respect for the cultural and natural heritage of its region and remains loyal to its traditions even as it evolves and adapts to modern needs and tastes.



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