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Ivana Brazdova

It looked like her life was going to go in a completely different direction. Budějovice painter Ivana Brázdová graduated from an economics school and stayed in the field for 12 long years. But the inner desire was stronger and the turning point came in 2017, when she began to devote herself fully to painting. Her work is diverse, but at the same time characterized by rich shades of colors, which are the main dominant feature. They create atmosphere, mood, emotions…..the colors resonate in the pictures.


The unprepossessing style and motif depict the various moods of the author's inner self, which she tries to convey in her works. Some paintings without noticeable brush strokes are in obvious contrast to paintings that are more impressionistic. Even this contradiction characterizes her work. In her modern approach to painting, she combines oil and acrylic paints. He plays with mixing these media and at the same time creates light effects using metallic sprays. A sunset, a boat at sea or a colorful landscape affects the interior of the viewer of the image, inducing harmony and connection with the depicted place.


"In abstract work, I focus mainly on the idea and theme presenting the given painting, which you can always understand from its title. Such as motifs from Eastern philosophies or a painting combining the style of Kupka, Rothko and Mondrian together", suggests Ivana Brázdová.


By using metallic pigments, she creates a dynamic, sometimes rather dreamlike effect, which is beginning to become an integral part of her works. Ivana is also the author and illustrator of the novel Top Secret (pseudonym Sensuela Perez). She has already organized many exhibitions in the country, and in 2022 her works were part of a group exhibition in China. In the city of Wuhan and Zhuhai -Makowsky gallery.