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luxury equipment furniture

Each product tells the stories of a deep and ancient Tuscan soul rich in art, culture, attachment to the earth and unfettered passion.  

All products are unique and customizable according to the taste of our clients: all elements such as colors, dimensions, aesthetic changes, weather resistance can be adapted to your requirements.  

All products are made by a complicated manual production process, which is based on the same attention to detail as before.


Luxury handmade

Over the years, we have succeeded in maintaining the same dimension of the production process with improved and refined manual technology, and this allows us to provide completely manual quality of every single product.

Each piece is unique and is the result of the experience that the family of manufacturers passes on from generation to generation.  

We offer pieces that adorn private buildings, historic homes, gardens, hotels and tourist accommodations around the world.

handmade vase

Give your premises new light with our hand-decorated ceramics. Discover all our pieces in the catalog and choose between sculptures, vases, tables, panels, garden furniture that will complement your space.

Product designs combine classic shapes with more modern lines, and each vase, sculpture or ceramic object becomes a fixture that suits a wide range of tastes.

handmade garden bench
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